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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Welcome Loves!!

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Angela. I'm 32 years YOUNG! Lol I am a single mother of 3.

Steven is 14, Nakiyah is 11 and Marley is 6. We also have a big ole fur baby, Kilo. I do have a full time 9-5 in addition to being a small business owner.

I started inspiRAEtion with my daughter. Both of our middle names are RAE and we want to inspire others to just be the best version of themselves....whether its putting on some gloss and lashes, healing from something that has consumed your mind, getting over a toxic situation, or just simply adding some cute accessories! We all know what some full sets and some accessories can do!! BAD B**** mode ACTIVATED!!! Whatever it is ... Lets just do it together.

I wanted to start this with my daughter to give her something to express herself, show her passion, create independence....stepping stones for her future! As a woman, independence is MAJOR KEY!

My goal is to create a blog/topic every Sunday! Feel free to send in questions to be answered or topics to discuss. Some of you may know, I did something similar to this on Facebook a few years ago. & i may be posting on our Facebook page to interact directly with my loves!! (So Follow Us!!) This is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone. We all done been thru some ISH!! So, lets help each other thru it! Lift one another up! Spread Love!

Our email is linked on the page! Subscribe! Send in your topics!

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