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Hey Loves!! Have yall ever given so much of yourself to someone that never deserved you in the first place?? OR someone that pursued you so much, wanted you soooo badly...Did what it took to get you then just played the hell out of you??? It happens so often! The AUDACITY! Thats the only thing they have! I used to give so much of myself to such undeserving people in my life... this can go for friends, family or even a relationship/situationship. Thats just the type of person I am... But you can't always expect people to love the way you love... or value LOYALTY the way you do.

Those type of people are draining .... RUN!! You'll never get what you put in back... This has nothing to do with you! This is just the person they are ... We give, give, give & love, love, love thinking the more we give, the more we prove... the more bullshit we accept and forgive ... that they will eventually give us the same love back... WRONG! The more we pour in their cup, the more we empty our own & eventually you'll be left with NOTHING.... completely drained. & FOR WHAT??? You didn't even deserve me and my type of love and loyalty to begin with!! You showed me constantly who you were and what you're built on and now your ACCESS IS DENIED!! You don't get to have another conversation with me... you don't get another opportunity to play with me, you don't get another chance to lie to me and run circles around me or handle me any type of way...cuz now I'm gonna make you stand on the choices you made while you had me!!!!!!!

A mistake is not REPEATED behavior... it's CHANGED behavior ! At a certain point... things become a choice.... and when you are constantly choosing to be a f****d up individual , I choose to remove all of your access to me! Its really that simple ... How does anyone expect you to be solid to them... and they have never been solid to you??? Its giving unsolved mysteries.. The math aint mathin....

Silence really sends the loudest message..... Know your worth & don't ever accept bare minimum BULLSHIT ..."IF THEY WANTED TO THEY WOULD" ..... Let them show you exactly who they are & make them stand on it ! ACCESS DENIED !!

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